Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez met in high school, in 1993, while auditioning for an improv team. Since then they have become a world-renowned double act known for their unique style of narrative-sketch comedy that incorporates elements of stand-up, sketch, improv, and both outlandish and familiar characters, all of which are narrowly contained by intricately woven story threads that tend towards the surreal and the macabre. 


Shenoah and Mark’s unique and surprising style has garnered them high acclaim all over the international comedy circuit, where they’ve been performing to packed houses for the last few years. 


In addition to performing they both write and direct and joinlty run a small production company called SKELETRAIN.

“The Pajama Men create a cartoon of the mind – a shape-shifting world in which anything seems not just possible, but imminent.”
★★★★★  - The Guardian
"I was doubled over in a kind of hysterical agony. I felt as if my lungs had migrated into my throat and that my anatomy would soon be inside out.”
- Washington Post
“Every now and again — though all too rarely — a comedy show comes along that casts things in a new light...this American duo ultimately possesses a marvellously unique appeal.”
★★★★★  - Evening Standard
'One of the most dazzling displays of comedy theatre I’ve ever seen. It's weird. And it's wonderful.'
★★★★★  - The Times, London
"Whip-smart and able to turn on the thinnest of dimes, Allen and Chavez are improvisers' improvisers. Actors' actors. Comedians' comedians."
- Chicago Tribune
"Did you miss the Pajama Men? Then you f**ked up"
★★★★★Timeout, Sydney

“Barry Award Winner”

 Melbourne Comedy Festival ​
(Australia’s most giant comedy award)

"Double Act of The Year!"
London Times

“Winner of 3 Timeout Awards”

Sydney Comedy Festival